Our teams

Leadership Team

Joe Cole, CEO

Joe is passionate about the enterprise AI space. Since he left Microsoft, he is on a mission to provide the best enterprise data vizualization and AI experience. During school, he helped move science forward at NYU's entrepreneurship and innovation MBA program and was an amateur baseball player. Joe lives on a sailboat in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys motorcycle touring, photography, and making music in his free time.

Alex Ivanov, CTO

Alex leads the day to day tech operations at 360AI. Being our chief architect and aprentice fire douser, Alex never shies away from challenges. His prior stints include Senior Dev positions at Intel and Microsoft. Alex enjoys spending time with his wife and son, surfing, and trail running on mountainous terrain.

Kirill Ageev,COO

Kirill leads support and infrastructure at 360AI. Kirill joined 360AI after seeing the failures of current technology to meet the demands of big data analytics without adding to the risk of rise in costs. Kirill holds a MS CS, and enjoys travel, hiking, and outdoor sports, preferably in his home state of Washington.

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